Friday, April 28, 2006

Blue White Football Podcast #11

The Spring Semester is Over! And Chadwick and I are back for the final show before the summer break. In this edition, we give our analysis of the Blue White game and what it all means for the season that lies ahead. We also discuss the draft possibilities for several of the former Nittany Lions and why Tamba Hali has been falling on many draft boards. Check back over the summer for more videos, archived game broadcasts, and shows when we can both meet up in State College.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blue White Game Video

In this edition of the Podcast we have a video from Saturday's Blue White Game. Coach Paterno and others give us an idea of what has come out of Spring Practice and what Penn State fans have to look forward to next fall. Enjoy this sideline view of the game and check back for a new show with Blue White analysis and the trivia winners in the next few days.

Joe Paterno Pre-Blue White Game Press Conference

(Large File) This is an Uncut version of JoePa's Press Conference from before the Blue White Game on Saturday. Coach Paterno talks about all of the news out of Spring Practice and even shares some of his unique analogies for the team. Keep an ear open for our very own Ryan Chadwick asking coach about the Return game later in the video

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Blue White Game

This past Saturday ComRadio had the broadcast of the annual Blue White Game at Beaver Stadium and here is an archived version of Blue's 17-0 victory over White. First year quarterback Anthony Morelli shined even though he didn't score a touchdown and Jordan Norwood continues to surprise people with over 150 yards receiving. The rain was pelting the Nittany Lions all afternoon but 18,000 loyal fans still showed up for a look into the future of Penn State Football.

As The Blue White Game is a practice for the Nittany Lions, it is also a practice for ComRadio Broadcasters and features some more experienced announcers as well as some youngsters enjoying their first shot. Enjoy the archived version of the game and check back soon for plenty more from the Blue White Game in the coming days.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blue White Football Podcast #10

We're back for our Blue White Game Preview Show. We discuss all of the new faces likely to see time in the Blue White game as well as the status of some of the returning players for the Nittany Lions. Pat Tholey joins us from Blue White Illustrated Magazine to tell us what some of the biggest surprises have been this spring and what we can expect from Saturday's contest. This week also features a trivia question and the first listener to email us with the correct answer will win a Blue White Football Podcast T-Shirt.

Tune for the latest installment and don't forget to listen to the Blue White Game on ComRadio, Saturday April 22nd at 2 p.m. ET