Monday, August 25, 2008

We've Moved!

Well we've decided to move the site over to wordpress as we get set for regular blogging this season. There will not be further posts here but the podcast will work as usual, no need to change anything in iTunes but if you interested in reading our new blog head over to Opening week has arrived!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Blue White Football Podcast #40: 2008 Preview

We're back for the 2008 season with brand new podcasts, a regular blog, and another year of Penn State Football. After a year of adjusting to the real world and working out our schedules we are back with weekly shows and blogging features on our new site. Check back in the next few days for a link to our new blog and send us an email with some of the things you would like to be part of the podcast or blog.

In this first edition of the new year we preview the offensive and defensive side of the ball for the 2008 campaign as well as discuss some of the recent headlines coming out of Happy Valley. Mark also gives us an update on some of the Nittany Lion Pros, including Morelli somehow making a professional team...

Join us as we return to weekly shows and get prepared for Penn State's 2008 season.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Site Construction

We are in the midst of working on a new blog/podcasting website that should be made live by mid-August with new content as well as a return to regular podcasting for the 2008 season. Check back for updates and get ready for another season of Nittany Lion football.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Not Sean Lee!

Well things didn't seem like they could get much worse for Penn State Football considering the stream of players being suspended, a coach with no contract and no plan, now the news that Sean Lee has torn a ligament in his knee and could miss next season. It is certainly raining on PSU football of late. More news will be released tomorrow on the extent of Lee's injury but it is apparently severe enough that a redshirt would be considered.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Classic Press Conference Antics!

Michigan's Women's Basketball coach lost it a little bit after losing an eighteen point lead to Wisconsin on Thursday. I have to say the paper slam at the beginning is my favorite part.

We will be back to podcasting soon. It has been a transition year for us but we will discuss the offseason once Terrelle Pryor announces his decision and then be back in the full swing of things from that point forward. We appreciate you all continuing to listen and download the podcast and we promise to rant and rave like this guy often!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pryor Still Thinking

There seem to be several different schools of thought on the situation with star recruit Terrelle Pryor. By delaying his decision there is no doubt that it is giving PSU a shot at reeling him in but if you watch this video he doesn't seem very enthusiastic about any of the schools he is talking about and the final question about the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry would make you think he wants to be part of that rivalry.

This reminds me a lot of the situation with Vidal Hazelton just a few years ago. Vidal's father strongly wanted him to consider PSU to the point that he wasn't ready to sign his letter of intent to USC as a way to force his son to pick PSU. Pryor's father is strongly pushing him to reconsider the Nittany Lions which in most cases gets PSU fans pumped up and hopeful, but often leads to a recruit wanting to rebel against their parent and go somewhere else.

At this point I still feel like Pryor is leaning towards Ohio State but is going to give the legendary coach and in-state program a courtesy visit and get his father off his back. What we can hope for is that by simply making this official visit he is taken in by Dear Old State the way that most of us were and he realizes that it would be a great place to play and live.

We shall see what happens over the next few weeks. Hopefully we will all be out buying #11 PSU jerseys.