Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blue White Football Podcast #27

After a week to collect our thoughts and finish up some work for classes, Mike & Ryan are back for the preview of the Outback Bowl on January 1st. The guys discuss numerous topics including Joe's change in attire/glasses, the problems that face the Nittany Lions when they match up with the Vols, as well as a perspective on the season after some time to reflect. Tune in for our last show before the New Year as we preview the bowl and also hear from die hard Volunteer fan Phil Emmert. We're also bringing back our prediction contest where you can win a Blue White Football Podcast T-Shirt by sending us your prediction for the Outback Bowl with the final score and whom you think will be the Penn State MVP. Send your predictions to before kickoff on the first to be eligible.

Note: As this show was recorded before two pieces of recent Penn State football news, we wanted to briefly note these two stories. As many of you may have heard Anthony Morelli, like many previous Penn State quarterbacks who have struggled at times, is receiving death threats from some misguided members of Nittany Nation. Clearly this sort of behavior is inexcusable and anyone who would threaten Morelli has loss touch with reality and has cast all Nittany Lion fans in a poor light. For more information on this story go to

The second note is in regards to senior defensive tackle Ed Johnson suspension from the team and its final game, the Outback Bowl. Clearly this is a big loss for Penn State, but rarely has there been a time at PSU where the punishment has not fit the crime. Penn State has not released any information as to what lead to this suspension but for more information head to


Anonymous said...

The Bye Week

I agree with Joe that the kids should have a week off during the season. However, it did not seem to hurt Ohio State or Michigan. In addition, what about the Ohio State-Michigan game? 42-39. Aside from Temple, Penn State did not score over 33 all year.

With Joe, it is always something.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot (purposely excluded?) Youngstown, against whom they scored 37.