Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If You Were Wondering...Yes the Refs are from Michigan

Run Up The Score has an enlightening and disturbing post regarding the "rumored" replay official for this upcoming game against the Wolverines. I was feeling optimistic but now it seems that it is almost a guarantee that the refs will once again screw Penn State out of a win. Take a look at the whole Post, but the key is the biography of this weekend's replay official Dick Honig:

"He worked as an on-field official for 22 years in the Big Ten and now works in a supervisory role and replay official for the conference while also living in Ann Arbor. He’s a 1963 graduate of the University of Michigan with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Kinesiology. He was an All-Big Ten shortstop on the Wolverines national championship baseball team in 1962. He coached for ten years at Michigan as an assistant basketball coach and assistant baseball coach.

One area of Dick’s office is a tribute to the University of Michigan. A picture with an aerial view of the stadium, several inscribed baseball bats, and the famous “Block M” memorabilia are immediately visible."

I am honestly baffled if this is being allowed. How can the conference let someone with so much invested in one of the teams be a part of the crew which can play such a huge part in the outcome? Hopefully word will get around and changes will be made before Andrew Quarless does a tap dance in the endzone and is then whistled for being out of bounds. (Yes there would be an excessive celebration penalty as well but at least the touchdown would stand)

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