Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nittany Lions Sneak Out of Bloomington With Win

Update: This post now has the highlights of the game from the Big Ten Network, click the title of the post or download in iTunes.

Despite not being able to capitalize on numerous opportunities, the Nittany Lions were still able to come out with a win over the Hoosiers 36-31. Penn State had three chances from the five yard line in the early going of the second half, to put the game out of reach, but could not punch it in. Fortunately the Lions put together a crucial drive in the 4th quarter to go ahead for good. The game came down to the final minute and with the Hooisers driving Qb Kellen Lewis fumbled and Abe Koroma was right on top of it to lock up the win.

Though the defense struggled at times, I'm not too concerned with the fact that they could not stop another mobile QB and James Hardy is arguably the best wide out in the Big Ten. The biggest concern from this game are the injuries that have piled up and Justin King's inability to match up with Hardy. Hardy is a stellar receiver and has 7 inches on King, but when a great corner matches a great wide receiver you would expect each to get their wins and play back and forth. King was owned by Hardy. King made one stop on third down but otherwise was victimized all day. Fortunately, that it is the last time King has to face a receiver that good, but don't forget about Robiskie who clearly is no slouch. Time to get ready for the Buckeyes who look like they're on their way to holding onto that number 1 ranking. Should be a raucous atmosphere and we will have a full breakdown before next Saturday's critical game.

Unfortunately, Ryan & I had trouble getting out a show this past week and we apologize to all of you who wait for our shows each week. We're both in an odd situation with schedules that continue to change but we plan to continue to get up content each week. We will also be working in Mark Loucks more often to help us continue to breakdown the Lions and deliver as much content to all of you as possible. Thanks for your patience and get amped up for the Buckeyes! LET'S GO STATE!

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