Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blue White Football Podcast #39

After a brief hiatus we're back to discuss the kinks in the PSU defense, the bowl chances of the Nittany Lions, and another off-field incident causing headaches. Mike and Mark Loucks discuss all these issues and who will win the Land Grant trophy on Saturday. Thanks for bearing with us as we worked out our schedules this season.


aluf said...

As they said on Penn State live: " I was at a fight and a Penn State game broke out.
I mean really, do you have to get hit over the head to realize that your football career is at risk if you get in brawls.

Mike Wolf said...

Apparently getting knocked around doesn't bring these players any sense. Very disappointing players on top of a ridiculously disappointing season, at least we can be hopeful for next year with no Morelli. Thanks for listening!