Friday, December 28, 2007

Aggies Staying Classy

It seemed as if this was going to be a fun weekend of football with two strong fan bases that have great traditions and a history of respect. Well an Aggie Cheerleader stripped that away completely when he embarrassed himself and the Aggies at The Alamo Bowl Pep Rally.

JoePa had this to say about the chant, "I think everybody has to take things with a grain of salt, some young guy went up there, trying to be funny. Maybe he's accurate, I don't know."

Classic Joe, you have to love the fact that he's not sure if the cheerleader may be right about him needing a casket. A&M has apologized for the remarks and though this bothers me, getting up in arms over someone making a fool of himself is no way to spend the weekend.

More content on the way before tomorrow's game. We were hoping to have a full bowl preview show but unfortunately with the holidays and our ever changing schedules Mark and I were not able to post a new show.

We will be back after the bowl game for a recap and some thoughts on the season as a whole, plus where we think the program is headed. We appreciate you all bearing with us during this season of transition for both the podcast and the Nittany Lions.

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