Monday, August 14, 2006

Penn State vs. Michigan 10/14/2005

A day that will go down as one of the best in college football history, will be in all Penn State Fans' minds as a day better left unmentioned. Though easily one of the most difficult losses for the Nittany Nation to endure, the Michigan game in Ann Arbor was one of the best played games that the Big Ten has seen in years. After struggling to score in the first three quarters of play, both teams came out and played a gut-wrenching final 15 minutes. Penn State quickly turned a 10-3 deficit into an 18-10 advantage after an Mrob TD and Alan Zemaitis take away TD. Michigan answered right back and followed that up with a field goal forcing the Lions to make another late drive to the take lead. With 53 seconds Mrob dove into the end zone and gave PSU a 25-21 lead. Unfortunately favorable referees and a miraculous 2 seconds gave Michigan everything they needed to pull off a last second win 27-25. Join Mike Wolf & Ryan Chadwick as they live and die in this seventh installment in the Blue White Football Podcast archive.


Anonymous said...

Penn State robbed? Chad Henne's knee was down when Zemaitis stoled the ball out of his hands.

Paterno lost the game when he kicked the ball to Breaston.

Anonymous said...

Anything can happen at Ann Arbor, refs will be sympathetic to UM in this one...why doubt it, the past has proven the point!