Monday, August 14, 2006

Penn State vs. Northwestern 9/24/2005

4th and 15, that basically sums it up...3-0 heading into the Big Ten season and the Lions opened up conference play at Ryan Field in Evanston, Illinois. Early struggles and four turnovers led to a 23-7 deficit for Penn State and forced Michael Robinson to lead a comeback that would go down as one of the most dynamic in Nittany Lion history. With the season on the line and Penn State trailing 27-29, Robinson completed a 20 yard pass to tight end Issac Smolko and kept hopes for a dream season alive. Derrick Williams caught his first touchdown pass for PSU on a 36 yard reception from Robinson with 51 seconds left to play sealing the 34-29 win and beginning the Lion's run to the conference title. Join Mike Wolf & Ryan Chadwick for an exhilarating contest in this fourth installment of the Blue White Football Podcast archives.

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